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May you be as persistent and hopeful as this pooch was waiting for apple pieces to fall her way. She sat like this for close to 2 hrs. In dog time that’s probably months. Lol You’ll go places with this eye on the prize kind of motivation. Lol #yeg #sillysia #pets

Don’t normally do this but REALLY unimpressed and want to save other businesses from this nightmare. Never do business with @yellowpages_ca they charge top dollar for the poorest quality work. When you want to cancel they give you the run around and won’t resolve the issue but magically disappear or pass you on continuously to other departments.Then they try and sick lawyers on you to threaten your good credit when they don’t get their way. Their prices are a scam as well. Build your own website for $150/yr vs any random number they feel like charging you per month for the least amount of work possible. I was charged $150/mo others I’ve talked to $500+ for the same service. Total scam! Google them and find out how many people they’ve screwed over. Don’t believe a single line they feed you! Feel free to regram to get the word out there for others that don’t know. #smallbusiness #scam #yellowpages #business #Canada #UnitedStates #smallbusinessfinance #badbusiness #photography

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